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Bullseye COE90 Clear Transparent Frit

Bullseye COE 90 Frit

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PLEASE NOTE: Powdered transparent frit that are fused or cast in thicknesses of about 2 mm deep or more will trap bubbles that give the glass a milky or opalescent appearance. This is due to trapping lots of very tiny bubbles. Using frits of larger sizes will allow fewer bubbles and result in more transparency.

If you are filling in actual gaps or holes in the surface of your piece, little pieces of frit work better than powder. Try to use the fewest and the largest pieces that will fit, to minimize bubble trapping.

Glass frit is used by fused glass, flame working, glass blowing artists and hobbyists for fused glass art, glass beads, blown glass objects and other kiln and torch work.

4 oz Bag (1/4 lb) of COE 90 Bullseye glass frit. Made from crushed, screened, and magnetically cleaned Bullseye Compatible sheet glass.