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1 lb Bullseye COE 90 Lt Aquamarine Transparent Fine Frit

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Bullseye COE 90 Frit

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One pound (16 oz) Jar of COE 90 Bullseye Light Aquamarine Blue Transparent Fine glass frit. Made from crushed, screened, and magnetically cleaned Bullseye Compatible sheet glass. In application, color saturation may vary. Thin layers may be lighter in color. Thicker layers may be darker and more saturated in color. Sold by weight not volume. Grain: Fine

Frits are versatile and can be used in:

  • Pâte de verre and kiln casting
  • Kiln forming, including “glass sketch” and “painting with light” techniques
  • Torch working and blowing, to create colors and patterns on surfaces.