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COE 96 20 Sheets Oceanside Fusible Glass Free Ship

Spiral Dance Art Glass

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20 sheets of Oceanside COE 96 Fusible Each piece measures approx. 6" x 6".  For fusing only. Not for stained glass application.Thickness: 3mm (1/8"). This kit ships free only to lower 48. No PO Boxes.

You will receive the following Oceanside COE 96 colors: 

Icicle Clear, Blackberry Cream OpalArt, Moss Green/White Wispy, Persimmon Opaque, Mauve Opaque, Black/White OpalArt, Blue Topaz Transparent, Orange/White Opal Mix, Light Purple Transparent, White Opaque, Dark Blue/White Wispy, Orange Transparent, Light Green Transparent, Turquoise Green Opaque, Celadon Opaque, Dark Green/White Wispy, Key Lime Pearl Opal, Rainforest Pearl Opal, Sierra Red Pearl Opal and Sea Green/White Opaque

Unless otherwise stated, the picture is from the manufacturer and is a general representation of the glass.  Sheets are hand-cut and can vary up to 1/8", so there is no guarantee that sheets will be the exact dimensions listed, the grain runs the same way or that edges will be perfectly straight. Since they are hand-cut please expect a corner or side chip every now and then.